The Tutoring Center, Bear DE 

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"Halfway through this past school year, I realized my 1st grader was really struggling with reading and was discouraged very easily. She lacked confidence and any motivation to practice. Many attempts at reading would lead to meltdowns and everyday was a struggle with phonics and decoding. The Tutoring Center was able to do an assessment that showed exactly where she was falling behind. Their program and one on one tutoring helps her with exactly what she finds difficult. After only a few months I am shocked at the difference it has already made. Her confidence is amazing and she now enjoys reading and asks us several times a week if she can read to us. This past weekend when we went out to brunch, she asked to bring books with her and she sat at the table and read while we waited for our food! This has been such a relief for us and confidence booster for her. I cannot wait to see where she’ll be in another few months. She also is super comfortable at the center and enjoys going. The staff are warm and I feel like they really care about each of the students. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering. We’ve had a great experience!"
Morgan E
"If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in The Tutoring Center I say yes go for it. My son loves math and has math got more difficult and more comprehensive he struggled. He needed one on one attention to really grasp lessons learnt. He wasn’t getting that at school. All his life if I tried to help him, he would have a meltdown and bury his face. I would leave him give him an half hour time out and come back. Helping him was very frustrating for me as a parent. We’ve done other places for tutoring, he would put up a block not wanting to go. THEN I enrolled him into The Tutoring Center. My son has done a complete 180. He’s no road scholar but I’m not helping him anymore. He’s self sufficient with all his courses. Nooo meltdowns, because I don’t have to help him. His confidence level is through the roof, he’s now excited in prepping for college. It’s worth the time and money. Thank you guys. Jacob, the boss is so attentive with the kids as they’re being dropped off and or picked up."
Ann-Marie Spraggs
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"I always think that the best investment à parents can give to his children is education, enlisting my kids to the tutoring center was the best decision ever. It’s a positive environment and more friendly to the kids. Thank you for bringing the best in the kid’s life"
J'espère Family
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"I am very impressed with The Tutoring Center! I travel 25 min. one way and must say it is worth the trip!! My daughter wants to go to her sessions and for me that speaks for itself. Jake is great with kids! He is honest, upfront, respectful and great at his job! I’m excited to be apart of this company and recommend it to anyone looking to help their child. Thanks to all the staff at the Tutoring Center!!"
Abigail Walz
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"My grand daughter started going there 6 months ago and she likes the tutoring center and her instructors! We are seeing improvements and she's now a lot more confident."
Jianyu Cai
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"My kid and I both love this place. He has increased his grades and is becoming more confident with his work. The staff are so friendly and professional. I recommend this place to anyone that asks me for tutoring recommendations."
Candice Bates
"I've seen a huge change in my child's grades and her confidence has skyrocketed. The staff is amazing and she enjoys going each week."
L Carroll
"The Torturing Center has a phenomenal program! My child has advanced significantly from where he was when we enrolled him around 18 months ago. He was in 7th grade at the time. Homework was always a battle. He struggled with his ELA work. His progress surpassed that guaranteed by The Tutoring Center. He has done so well, we decided to enroll his older sister also. After just having competed 40 sessions, she is finally feeling confident in math. She will continue with SAT Prep training offered by The Tutoring Center after completing her next 40 sessions. I cannot recommend The Tutoring Center any stronger. The program is proven in my experience with 2 children having very obviously improved in not only their ability to do work at their grade level or above, but also in the complete change in attitude towards the subjects in which they had difficulties.5 stars! Great place! Amazing results!"
Rob McCurdy
Positive: Quality
"This place is absolutely amazing! I reached out on a moms group on Facebook, desperately looking for help for my 7 year old. My son was a little nervous about going but after just one session, he’s completely on board! He’s actually excited for his next class! The staff is so sweet and welcoming. They are very informative and have a lot of great advice. I have a lot of faith in the tutoring center and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. If you’re looking for an amazing center to enroll your child, THIS IS IT!!!"
Raquel Jack
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"My son came back to Tutoring Center per his requests. In here he developed deeper understanding and building up his Math and Reading skills. Tutoring Center Fox Run is a great place for learning, caring teachers and every time he comes out he will always say “Mom I am happy every time I attend my sessions”. The confidence my son gained here and the motivation — priceless! Thanks to all the warm, caring teachers and Jake for all that you do! Highly recommended center!"
S Navera
"I have two children that have been attending the tutoring center consistently since December of 2018. During this time my children have grown leaps and bounds in both their educational advancement and their discipline/concentration/attitude towards school and school work. When my youngest started at the tutoring center he was still in PreK and was lacking both the maturity and educational tools he would need to be successful in Kindergarten. We were truly concerned and turned to the tutoring center for help. The staff was so patient with him in coaxing him into their routine and expected behavior at the center. My child was literally hiding behind desks and crying he could not do the work. After a few sessions the routine became familiar and my child began really learning. When Kindergarten started we felt he was equipped with the tools he needed. This last year we have see him flourish in kindergarten. My child is not the top of his class but with the help of the tutoring center he has been able to keep up and has not developed a dislike of school because he feels he “cannot” do it. That was our greatest fear and I am so grateful and happy that we trusted the tutoring center to help our child. My older child is the polar opposite story of my youngest. When my oldest started at the tutoring center he was already a grade level ahead like they recommend. So we enrolled him in their enrichment program. He immediately loved the center. Since being enrolled he is now almost 2 grade levels ahead. Both of my children’s star test scores rose significantly since being enrolled at the tutoring center and I have seen the growth in their report cards as well. I cannot say enough encouraging words about the amazing work the tutoring center has done with my children. Having two children at the center for different reasons, I can honestly say that weather you are looking to challenge and keep your advanced learner ahead or seek help for a struggling learner, this is absolutely your place. Ove the past year and a half Jake and Mike have worked with us both educationally and financially to support my children’s educations. The tutoring center isn’t a place that is going to take your money and not care weather your child is learning or not, they will be as vested in their education as you are!
Ryan Ruiz
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value
"My daughter started with math tutoring and when her time was complete she was transition into the PSAT program. The staff is very professional especially Jacob who does the scheduling and answers the phone. I also referred my daughter friend and her mom is very pleased with her results."
Tanya Simpson
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"My son received more than just positive results. He received encouragement, personal attention, and a boost to his confidence. The staff cares about each student and family, and they communicate that with excellence."
Rebecca Silva
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
"My grandkids have attending The Tutoring Center in Bear and I have seen the tremendous improvements, not only academically but with their self confidence.
Staff is caring and dedicated. Enrolling Analia and Daniel in their program is the best choice we could have ever made."
Teresa Massia
"We had a great experience. With the Tutoring Center. The management and teachers are excellent and they always make students feel safe to express their feelings. They are very supportive of students and families.
After few sessions, we saw a big jumb in my son's reading and math. If your child needs assistance, I strongly recommend Tuotring Center to you and give a try."
"I signed my daughter up for tutoring assistance with her reading. She has been attending The Tutoring Center in Bear for over a month now and I have seen a night and day difference in her confidence alone. The faculty is polite, professional, and display a vested interest in helping my daughter achieve her short/long-term goals. When I signed her up I was provided an initial evaluation, free of charge, and was shown a detailed curriculum specific for her needs. Needless to say, we will continue attending sessions at The Tutoring Center to ensure a holistic approach to my child’s education."
Kenny Malin
"My child attended the tutor center 3 days of week so far he has been progressing on math ( Algerbra 1 ) I give “The tutor center “ a 5/5 stars !"
Macai B
"Has been a wonderful experience in having our children enrolled in the Tutoring Center, very professional and capable staff, have a very good structure to help kids develop their skills and acquire study discipline, for us coming from another country has been of great help to adapt to U.S. schools programs for our kids. SPA: Ha sido una grata experiencia en haber enrolado a nuestros hijos en el Turoring Center, su personal es muy capacitado y profesional, tienen una muy buena estructura para desarrollar a los ninos en sus conocimientos y brindar disciplina estudiantil, para nosotros que venimos del extranjero ha sido de gran ayuda para que los ninos se adapten al programa de escuelas de los Estados Unidos."
Paulo Abreu
"We had a great experience at The Tutoring Center in Bear, DE. The management and teachers are wonderful. They have a great incentive program that makes it fun to learn. Our child's grades increased dramatically due to his hard work and the Tutoring Center."
Jeffrey Ulmer
"We had a great experience with the Tutoring Center. The management and teachers are excellent and they always make students feel safe to express their feelings. They are very supportive of students and families. After few sessions, we saw a big jump in my son's reading and math. If your child needs assistance, I strongly recommend Tuotring Center to you and give a try."
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