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Children need around ten hours of sleep each night to be able to conquer their daily activities. Sleeping more than those hours is even better! Rest brings many benefits to your children’s health and academic performance.

Let Them Sleep In

As adults, we usually want to take advantage of every hour of the day to the point in which many people see sleeping in as a waste of time. In reality, sleeping in can bring many health and academic benefits. Think about that next Saturday when you want your children to get out of bed. Here are some of the reasons why you should let your children sleep in and promote healthy sleeping habits.

Reasons to Let Your Children Sleep In

Strengthen executive functions: Subjects like math and languages require a sharp memory, organization and planning skills, and the ability to focus. All these skills are called executive functions. The part of the brain in charge of these tasks is much more sensitive to the effects of lack of sleep. Consolidate new information: When we sleep, we’re able to consolidate new information so we can later make connections to previously learned information. If your child learned something new in school, they need a good night’s rest to process and solidify that new information and not forget it the next day. Better mood and improved behavior: Who doesn’t want to be around happy children? Tired children are often more irritable and moody. They also get frustrated much more quickly, which usually results in lashing out or misbehaving. Improved memory and concentration: It’s easier for well-rested children to remember what they see in school and focus on their assignments.

Strengthen Their Learning at The Tutoring Center, Bear DE

Sign your children up for a tutoring class at The Tutoring Center, Bear DE. After a good night’s rest, your children will be ready to truly learn something new. The Tutoring Center, Bear DE offers a variety of tutoring programs that can boost your children’s academic performance. Contact them at 302-419-4824 to learn more.


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