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Back to school season is just around the corner. And Understood mentions that how you organize your backpack can affect how you sort out your thoughts and ideas. Learn how to keep your backpack organized with the tips below, so you can have a great new school term.

How to Organize Your Backpack

  1. First, you need the right backpack: one that's big enough, has organizational pockets, an ergonomic, comfortable design, and padded shoulder straps.
  2. Of course, you will need an organization system. For instance, arrange the books/notebooks by size or in the order you'll need them. Just be sure to put the heavier items in the back to avoid straining your body. Likewise, try your best to keep up with your system.
  3. To keep your backpack from becoming too heavy and to guarantee it stays organized, pack it nightly. This will allow you to take out the items you won't need the next day, and pack the ones you will.
  4. Having your pencils, erasers, and other smaller items floating in the bottom of your backpack is not efficient or orderly. That's why you should place smaller school supplies in a case.
  5. If you're someone who's constantly misplacing their belongings, you may even want to put your name on the backpack. This way, if you were to misplace it, it would be more likely that you'd get it back.
  6. As a final tip, clean out the backpack regularly. Students often keep loose papers, trash, and other nastiness in their backpacks. Emptying the backpack and throwing it in the washing machine can help you keep it neat and tidy.

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