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 In the ever present debate about how much technology is too much, there is an answer. However, that may certainly differ depending on the child, and as a parent it is up to you to decide for your own family. As you work through this, you should consider ways you can incorporate technology into your child’s life in productive, educational ways. The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to help you with just that today, by providing three ways technology can help your child to develop.

You can expect that the use of technology, specifically games geared toward children, is going to help your child begin to understand the importance of finishing tasks. Think about how most games for children, and even many for adults, are structured. Before you are allowed to move on from one level there are certain goals that need to be met, such as an amount of points earned, objects caught, or items found. As your child continues to play and grow, he or she will understand the importance of finishing tasks in order to begin new ones.

Likewise, you are going to see that your child’s hand-eye and spatial coordination are improving, thanks to technology. Certainly, throwing a ball around with your child or allowing him or her to play with legos and building blocks will help to achieve the same goal. However, the more practice, the better. You can consider that your child will be moving objects from one area of the screen to another and working with aim and accuracy.

If you choose to use educational applications, such as those which help with math or reading skills, you are helping to bolster your child’s readiness for school by providing him or her with a head start. As we do live in a highly technological age, you can also expect that your child will use technology in school. So, not only is your child getting practice in math or reading, due to the educational applications, but in school as a whole.

You can continue to work with these developmental areas with your child, whether or not you decide to develop them through technology. For yet another way your child can continue to develop academically, you may also consider encouraging him or her to learn to play a musical instrument. If you find that your child is struggling in any of these developmental areas or with a particular subject in school, remember that The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff ready to assist you. For tutoring in Bear, contact us at (302)-832-2400.  


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