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Summer vacations are around the corner! After a school year filled with responsibilities, your children can finally take a deep breath.  Unfortunately, this break sometimes translates into big amounts of TV and a lot of wasted time.

Summer learning loss, or summer setback, is a well documented situation. It affects children who are not educational activities during summer. It can lead to losing two months of grade level knowledge.

At The Tutoring Center in Bear, we are aware of this situation. That’s why we tell you a few activities that can avoid this problem.


Visit your local library and let your children choose their own books. It’s important that they approach the stories they like. That way, they will stay interested. Don’t forget that many bookshops have summer activities and clubs where they can share their enthusiasm with other children.

Get out of the House!

Limit the TV and internet time. Go to the zoo, museums and other places that stimulate your children’s minds. Don’t forget that you can involve your children with cooking, so they can go through some basic math concepts.

Summer School

Two or three hours every week can improve the scholar abilities of your children. It will help them practice what they’ve learned through a whole school year. Plus, it will give them that extra push if they are having any difficulties.

Engaging your children with any of these activities, can make a huge impact in their academic knowledge. Don’t forget about these tips during summertime.

The Tutoring Center has excellent instructors and programs, that will help your child practice and develop their skills and knowledge. Consider us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Bear.

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