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For some children, homework is a chore that only takes up part of their afternoon during which they could be playing. However, as you know, it represents an important part of their grade, and gives them the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom. 

This is why, if you find your child stuck on an assignment, you should do your best to help them. If you’d like to know how you can be of assistance The Tutoring Center in Bear will give you a few tips.

How to Help Your Child When They’re Stuck on Homework

Get Them Prepared

Your child should be completely focused when they’re doing homework. To help with this, remove any distractions (like the TV or their cell phone) that could prevent them from paying attention. Likewise, make sure they have the supplies they need to work.

Work on Understanding

Make sure your child completely understands the assignment’s instructions so they know what’s being asked of them. Help them when you can by answering their doubts and by guiding them through it.

Set a Strategy

If you feel like your child is having trouble with a particular assignment, create a strategy so they can work on it. For example, you can divide a complex homework into smaller, workable chunks that will be easier for them to get through.

Take Breathers

For small children, trying to focus too hard on one assignment can be tiring. This is why, if you notice that your child is stuck, tell them to take a small break or even move on to another assignment before coming back to it, so they have a chance to clear their head.


A mistake or an oversight may prevent you from moving on with your assignment. For this reason, you should encourage your child to review the work they’ve already done in order to keep working. Likewise, tell them to look at their notes to see what could be improved.

Turn to Tutoring

If you’d like the help of experts to help your child complete their homework successfully, turn to tutoring. With it, your child will be able to learn effectively and to get “unstuck” on their homework.

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