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Book reports, essays, college research reports, etc. almost all writing follows the same format. By learning the organization and structure of basic writing early, it will help benefit throughout all life. Too many students don’t plan ahead when writing, and end up getting overwhelmed. Today, The Tutoring Center of Bear offers this structure to hopefully help you with all your writing assignments.


The first few sentences of an essay can either grab a reader’s attention immediately, or convince them to drop the paper right there. Your introduction needs to be engaging, but short and to the point. The introduction of your essay can be compared to an upside down triangle. You want to open with a general broad claim loosely related to your end topic. Then, add a few more sentences about the points you plan to make and focus your aim. At the end, make sure to clearly state your thesis (opinion or what you are trying to prove) so the reader knows what to expect.


The body may consist of just one paragraph, or as with long writings such as research papers, pages consisting of charts, graphics, and detailed explanation. Be sure to include correctly cited facts in each paragraph to support your point. In longer works, it is very important to be well organized with nice transitions from one paragraph/topic to the next.


The conclusion needs to remind the reader what they have read and reiterate the point you wanted you make. Opposite the introduction, think of the conclusion as a pyramid. The first sentence of your conclusion should be a direct remark about your thesis. Briefly explain the points you made in the body of your essay that support your thesis, and finish with a more broad statement about the topic as a whole.

It Takes Time

You can’t expect to be writing like a professional all of the time. You will make mistakes, but you can learn from mistakes. Also, get help if you need it. Teachers will always review papers after they are graded. Also, one-to-one instruction in writing is immensely helpful. If you are interested in private tutoring in Bear contact us today at 302 832 2400 for more information.


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