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Starting a children’s book club will be a diverse and memorable experience for both you and your child. The Tutoring Center in Bear has some suggestions to help get you started.

Are You Ready?

The number one thing to do before making plans with your child to start a children’s book club is to make sure he/she wants to start a club. Some children have a love of reading. Some children are social butterflies. Some children enjoy having a new task to master. If your child has no desire to host a book club, help him/her acquire an avid reader approach with a reading skills program like “Geniuses in Training” from The Tutoring Center in Bear.

Before Beginning

Comprise a list of participants with your child. Contact these children’s parents to get their permission and email addresses for correspondence purposes. Send out a group email. Include book selection lists and remind parents of meeting dates and time. Next, make sure you order enough copies of the month’s book selection and distribute the book. Set the first meeting one to two weeks after book deliveries have been made to each child.

Marvelous Meetings

Plan on a 30 to 45 minute discussion weekly or every other week. After the children’s discussion time, have a snack available that relates to the book the club is currently reading. This is a great way for the “structured” discussion time of book club to continue more freely.

Child Critics

Make up a sheet to be taken home and brought back for the next club meeting to discuss. Include a section for children to write their comments, plot, character section for notes, and a space to critique the book with a book rating system. Your child will be the toast of the town (by both children and parents). Hosting and running a book club will help your child to build confidence as well as being an excellent social and educational tool.

The Tutoring Center in Bear is here to help. The Tutoring Center in Bear offers one-to-one instruction to better prepare your literary critic for the academic year ahead. For the best tutoring in the city, call 302-832-2400 to schedule a free consultation to identify your child’s challenge subjects.


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