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 Your children’s days are extremely busy, just think about all the activities they have to fulfill. Yet a somehow neglected aspect are their sleep habits. Sleeping well is very important for everyone, however it’s crucial in children as it improves their memory, boosts their growth and increases their attention. For these reasons, at The Tutoring Center in Bear, we would like to share a few ideas to help your children sleep better.  

Establish a Schedule

5 more minutes can become into an hour, so be sure to establish a clear bedtime schedule, which will help to set your children’s internal clock. Create a routine that helps to create the right mind frame before going to bed, and keep in mind that children need an average of 10 hours of sleep per night.

What to Avoid

Large meals should be avoided prior bedtime, as a full stomach will disrupt sleep. Remember that coffee isn’t the only beverage that contains caffeine, this substance it’s also present in other drinks like soda, sports drinks, tea and even sweets. So be sure to watch what your children consume. Also, ban the use of electronic devices before bedtime, as the light they emit can cause sleep disturbances.


Having the right sleep setting in your home is very easy. The recommended room temperature is about 60-67 degrees, so check which your children what works better for them. Also, make sure to provide them with enough blankets and pillows, and inspect the condition of their mattress.

A good night’s sleep will be reflected on the mood and academic achievement of your children, so remember these simple ideas. Don’t forget to read this previous post on the educational benefits of learning a musical instrument.

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