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Turn Your Child's Brain off From Technology

Do you find yourself struggling to disconnect your child from the T.V whilst you prepare dinner? In this post, The Tutoring Center, Bear has some great ideas on using your child’s brain power for something a little more creative.

Exercise Your Child's Creative Brain

Challenge your children to create a collage based on their own interests. Utilize materials around the home such as old pieces or cardboard or discarded packaging, magazine trimmings plastics and even seeds and leaves. If you have any recycling that you just haven’t found a use for yet, now is the perfect time. The more creative your child can become with varied materials, the better!

Keep Your Child Close as They Work

One of the many benefits to this fun activity is that your children can do it close by while you work on preparing dinner. Not only do the tiles in the kitchen provide a great ‘splash proof’ environment for your child to work freely, the close proximity gives you the opportunity to watch your child work and see how they learn and process information as they create a visual representation of their chosen subject.

Encourage Your Child to Present Their Ideas

Now that they have completed their collage, have them present it to other family members or take it to school to present to their school friends. To add a more educational element, introduce more academic topics such as science based subjects or historical events.

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