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Getting your child started in the world of journaling can be a challenge. Many children don't enjoy writing at all. Still, you should encourage the use of a journal by explaining to your child its many benefits.

How Journaling Can Help Your Child

Not everybody enjoys writing. Many people find it an intimidating and complicated activity. This may be your child’s case. Keeping a journal can bring many benefits to your child, and not just in their school environment. You should encourage your child to keep a journal and show them it can be a pleasant activity rather than a chore.  Teach them that they can write about whatever they please and they will enjoy the following benefits with their newfound journaling skills.
  1. Emotional outlet: There are some things your child doesn't feel comfortable talking to you or their friends about. Journaling will give them that much needed emotional outlet that is also free of criticism.
  2. Explore their imagination:  A journal is a white canvas for your child to explore the corners of their mind. They can write about anything they find interesting, create stories, and explore their wildest ideas.
  3. Increase their I.Q.: Once your child gets into the rhythm and flow of keeping a journal, they will look for ways to better express their thoughts. This means they will probably look to expand their vocabulary and become better learners. A greater vocabulary can also help increase their I.Q. level.
  4. Keep memories: As your child grows up and reads those old journals, they will relive those memories written on paper.
  5. Personal development:  Journaling will allow your child to form a deeper understanding of themselves. Writing down who they are, how they feel, and what they think will make your child feel a stronger sense of self.

Journaling and The Tutoring Center, Bear Can Improve Your Child's Writing Skills

An obvious benefit of keeping a journal is that it helps improve your child's writing skills. However, they could do with some extra guidance to become excellent writers. That's where The Tutoring Center, Bear DE comes in; they have fantastic writing programs to make your child a better writer. Contact The Tutoring Center, Bear DE at 302-419-4824 to learn about their tutoring options.


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