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An academic burnout can manifest as a lack of interest in school, procrastination, and poor academic performance. Needless to say, this isn't an ideal situation for any student, which is why you should learn to avoid study burnout before it happens. For tips on the matter, continue reading.

How to Avoid Study Burnout

  1. First of all, have specific and doable goals for your academics, so you can remain motivated and have a direction with your schoolwork.
  2. Setting a schedule to do your schoolwork in (with enough time to complete each of your activities) can help you remain focused and manage your time more effectively.
  3. While we're on the subject of time management, you should try your best to avoid procrastination, as it will only distract you and will make it more challenging to complete your academic duties.
  4. Even if you should avoid procrastination, it's still recommended that you take 5-minute breaks every hour. This way, you won't exhaust your brain.
  5. The stronger your body and mind are, the better you will be able to avoid burnout. That's why you need to lead a healthy lifestyle filled with nutritious meals, restful nights, and exercise.
  6. Having other hobbies and activities can also be helpful. Try meditating, gardening, cooking, exercising, or learning a new skill.
  7. Finally, if you're feeling frustrated or stuck, it's recommended that you enroll in tutoring classes that can guide you and help you have more successful learning experiences.

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