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How to End the School Year on a High

Now that spring break is over, the end of the academic year is coming around fast. That means final exams and all of the stress that comes with them. We all want our children to achieve the best grades possible, but it can be hard to see them anxious and worrying about how they are going to do in their tests. In this article, The Tutoring Center, Bear would like to share some top tips to help end the school year on a high.

Create a Study Schedule

Your child should be studying for tests in all subjects, especially those which pose the greatest challenge to them. This can feel overwhelming as they may not know where to begin. Why not try creating a ‘study schedule’ with them so that they know which topic to study and when. Make sure to include time to relax so that your child does not feel under pressure.

Prioritize Sleep

Even when time is short, and the pressure is on, it’s vital to ensure that your child is getting enough sleep. This will help them to feel calm and has been proven to aid learning and development.

Provide Extra Support with the Tutoring Center in Bear

If your child is struggling at school or falling behind, you could consider tutoring in Bear to give them a helping hand. Finals don’t have to be stressful. Call The Tutoring Center, Bear today on 302 832 2400 to find out about how tutoring in Bear can help your child flourish.


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