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Sports aren’t just a fun way for your child to get the exercise they need for good physical health, they’re also great for growing brains and can instil some very valuable skills. Today, The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to take the opportunity to talk you through a few of the benefits...
At The Tutoring Center in Bear, Delaware, memory retrieval is essential to successful learning. When your child takes an exam, he needs to be able to retrieve information from his brain that he has learned before. Here are a few tips on memory retrieval for you and your child.


 Your children’s days are extremely busy, just think about all the activities they have to fulfill. Yet a somehow neglected aspect are their sleep habits. Sleeping well is very important for everyone, however it’s crucial in children as it improves their memory, boosts their growth and...
If you have a child who has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you are bound to realize the possible challenges that come along with this diagnosis. Though there are several different learning disabilities, general symptoms consist of a lowered attention span and trouble in processing...
Attention can be defined as a cognitive function that allows one to process relevant stimuli while ignoring distracting ones. It’s no secret that having the ability to concentrate in one task without getting distracted is important to achieve academic goals. For this reason, at The Tutoring...
In a recent post, we here at The Tutoring Center in Bear told you a little about the benefits of learning a foreign language. Today, we would like to offer some information on a similar theme; the educational benefits that your child can gain by learning a musical instrument.

Playing music is a...

For some children, homework is a chore that only takes up part of their afternoon during which they could be playing. However, as you know, it represents an important part of their grade, and gives them the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom. 

This is why, if you...
As the holiday break is coming up shortly, we are sure you have numerous plans with your family, and it might be a quite busy time for you. However, it’s important to maintain certain norms with your child in order to help him or her get back into the swing of school a bit more easily come...
While we are about to enter winter break, we know that the second semester will be here before we know it. At the beginning of the school year we at The Tutoring Center in Bear gave you some tips on how to stay organized this school year and now we’d like to take it a step further by giving you...
They’re one of the most dreaded assignments but they happen to everyone. Oral presentations are meant to not only test your knowledge on a subject, but how you handle yourself in front of an audience. The thing is that this last part can be a huge source of anxiety for some. 

If you’re up for...


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