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Turn Your Child's Brain off From Technology

Do you find yourself struggling to disconnect your child from the T.V whilst you prepare dinner? In this post, The Tutoring Center, Bear has some great ideas on using your child’s brain power for something a little more creative.

Exercise Your Child's...

Here are some tips for avoiding some commonly confused words.

Accept vs Except

"Accept" is a verb meaning to receive. "Except" is a preposition meaning not included or a verb meaning to leave out. Remember that "except" ex-es things out.

Affect vs Effect

In general, "affect" is a verb meaning to...
Starting a children’s book club will be a diverse and memorable experience for both you and your child. The Tutoring Center in Bear has some suggestions to help get you started.

Are You Ready?

The number one thing to do before making plans with your child to start a children’s book club is to make...
Earlier, we discussed how to encourage your child to read. Writing can be just as difficult to encourage. With journaling, your child can choose her own subjects to write about, which helps her feel more engaged in the activity. If she is struggling with ideas, these tips will help get the...
The order of operations was developed by mathematicians long ago to make it easier to communicate their equations. If you do not follow the order of operations in solving a mathematical equation, and simply solve from left to right as you would read a text, you may arrive at an incorrect answer....
Book reports, essays, college research reports, etc. almost all writing follows the same format. By learning the organization and structure of basic writing early, it will help benefit throughout all life. Too many students don’t plan ahead when writing, and end up getting overwhelmed. Today, The...
Oral presentations are a great way to have students showcase their knowledge and share it with their peers. However, often times students feel uncomfortable or nervous having to take center stage as part of an assignment. The Tutoring Center in Bear has some tips to make sure you lose the oral...
There are many aspects of school most children dislike; waking up early, reading and homework to name a few. Final exams are just the icing on the cake. Luckily, like so much of the educational process, final exams can be relatively easy with the right preparation. The Tutoring Center in Bear...
As children progress through school, they are likely going to face some subjects that don’t make sense to them. That is fine; different students excel in different areas. One subject a lot of kids struggle with is math. Math is constantly building on itself, so if a child doesn’t understand a...
Math is often one of the hardest subjects to fully grasp as a learner. Starting with basic addition and subtraction, and slowly working your way into harder operations is the only way to truly understand math in depth. For professional math help in Bear, call The Tutoring Center at (302) 832-2400...


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