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Time management is an essential life skill. Teaching your child to managing and organize his daily schedule is a key element in successfully traversing his academic and later, working life. We at The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to give you a few tips on helping your child learn to make and follow a schedule so he can be more organized.

Get an Agenda Book

This is the best tool for organizing your child's schedule. The agenda book is where he should write down the date and the tasks that he needs to complete each day. Have your child think about all the activities he will be doing during any given day, including school hours. Times he has to be in class, lunch time, and when the bus leaves. Also at home. Activities such as chores, TV time, walking the dog, homework, etc.


Your child needs to put tasks in a logical order. Set time ranges for each task estimating how long it will take to complete each one. Beginning with easier tasks so he can get them out of the way, quickly.


It is important to use the agenda for keeping track of assignments. Have your child write down all homework information such as which subject it’s for  and when it is due.

Color Coordinating

Pick a color for each task. For example, green for schoolwork, red for doctor’s appointments, blue for home chores, etc. This will make your schedule more organized, colorful and fun.

On-the-Go Updating

For your child’s schedule to work, he will need to update it continuously. Tell him always to keep it where he can find it at a moment’s notice, so he can write down important appointments and other reminders as he goes. Once your child completes a task, have him cross it off to help him stay on track. Plus, marking things as complete will make him feel like he is accomplishing his goals. 

If your child has made and organized a schedule, but is still having trouble completing schoolwork and juggling responsibilities, a tutor may be of assistance. For Tutoring in Bear, call The Tutoring Center at (302) 832-2400.


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