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As it is the beginning of a new school year, we’re sure there is a lot on your mind, as well as your child’s. Hopefully, one of those things is on how to stay more organized. It is true that a more organized child tends to do better academically, and it is with that in mind that we at The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to give you SIX short tips to help your child stay organized this school year! 

Set Goals

Obviously setting the goal to “stay organized” is the first step, but certainly not the only one. Evaluate what you would like to accomplish this year and set goals to achieve those accomplishments. Whether these are personal or academic goals, it is great to write them down and your ideas on how to make it happen. 

Avoid Clutter

Your workspace, locker, and backpack should be free from clutter. It is a lot more difficult to stay organized if you have papers and other things scattered all over the place. It seems simple enough. If you start to see a pile of papers forming, go through them, keep and store the ones you need and throw away those you do not.

Designate a Study Space

With your parents permission, have a space designated in your home for your study area. Whether you choose the kitchen table, the desk in your room, or some other area, be sure to avoid clutter there, make sure it is quiet and free of distractions, and know that this is the place you go to get things done. 

Write it Down

Saying that you will remember, or taking a picture of assignments that are due, may both seem like good ideas, but in reality they are not. Sure you could remember, but there is always that possibility that you won’t. Also, taking a picture only provided another possible distraction. Taking out your phone while studying should be avoided, even if the main reason is to review homework assignments. 

Use a Planner

A way to avoid needing to remember, or take a picture, is to write it down using a planner. Be sure to get one divided into individual days. When given an assignment, especially if it is not due for some time, make a note of it the day it was assigned, when it is due, and make notes to work on it in between. 

Break it Up & Work it Out

Find your method. If it works best for you to complete the most difficult tasks first, then do it. If you find that you need a break, take one. Go for a short walk, eat something healthy, wash your face, and get back to work. The important thing is to find the schedule that works for you, and remember that homework and studying should take priority before the other daily tasks, even if you consider those more enjoyable. 

After you and your child have done what you can to ensure they are more organized this year, you may still find that he or she needs more assistance in some academic area. That is OK. Remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help your child achieve success. Give us a call at (302)-832-2400 to schedule an assessment or for tutoring in Bear!


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