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After a long school year, summer is the moment that your children were looking forward to - they can finally put behind them exams, report cards and other school responsibilities. However, this vacation is also a great opportunity to prepare for the next school year.

One small detail, yet often neglected, is their backpacks; carrying too much weight can damage nerves and muscles of your children, especially if they are small. That’s why, it’s important to pack smart and at The Tutoring Center in Bear, we have a couple of useful ideas. 

Clean It!

There may be bread crumbs, dirt and many other things lingering in the bottom of the backpack. Empty it out and go through every pocket. Also, check the conditions of the backpack; consider buying a new one, if it has holes or a ripped strap. 


Your children have to go through all their school material, some of it may be useful for the next year. A good way to stay organized is buying binders and folders for each subject -  that way your children can take the ones they need for school. 


Your children will be needing school supplies for the new school year. Now that you know what they have, it will be easier to buy what they need. A pencil case is great to keep their pens, pencils and eraser in one place. 

Having an organized backpack will prepare your children for a school year filled with challenges.Another thing you can do to help is enrolling them in a tutoring program - it has many benefits like reviewing learned school material and avoiding summer learning loss. 

The Tutoring Center has academic programs created to provide the strategies and skills that the classroom demands. Each student deserves especial attention, that’s why, we offer a free diagnostic assessment to find out more about the educational needs of your children. Think about us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Bear. 

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