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Oral presentations are a great way to have students showcase their knowledge and share it with their peers. However, often times students feel uncomfortable or nervous having to take center stage as part of an assignment. The Tutoring Center in Bear has some tips to make sure you lose the oral presentation jitters and give an engaging and effective presentation.

Make time to prepare

In order to feel comfortable being in front of your class, you have to be prepared. Instead of memorizing facts, make sure you have learned your material thoroughly and that you understand what you will be speaking about. Ask your teacher if you are allowed to use note cards as these are a useful tool in organization. If you are using a visual aid, make sure it’s concise and not cluttered. Have fun with your presentation and make it engaging keeping in mind that your peers are your audience. Once you have your information sorted, practice what you will be saying. You can do this in front of a mirror or with your family. Make sure to get feedback on posture, language and volume.

Presentation day

Make sure to get enough sleep so you are well rested and able to concentrate on your work. Eat a healthy breakfast and avoid greasy and sugary foods that can cause stress. If your teacher has set a dress code for your presentation, make sure to follow it. Your outfit should be comfortable and not cause distractions as you make your way through your presentation. Go over your notes ones last time and remember that you are prepared. Thinking positively is key in making sure your presentation goes well.

As you present

Take some deep breaths and smile as you make your way to the front of the classroom. Start your presentation confidently and take your time. Speak clearly and make eye contact with your audience. Keep your peers engaged by speaking to them and by using the space you are given. Be yourself and make sure your personality shines through so that you feel more comfortable. As you finish, answer questions your peers may have to the best of your abilities. If you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest instead of trying to make something up.

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