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They’re one of the most dreaded assignments but they happen to everyone. Oral presentations are meant to not only test your knowledge on a subject, but how you handle yourself in front of an audience. The thing is that this last part can be a huge source of anxiety for some. 

If you’re up for an oral presentation soon and would like a few tips so you can ace it, then keep reading this post The Tutoring Center in Bear has prepared for you!

Oral Presentation Tips 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

The best way to gain confidence and get a good grade on your presentation is to practice and prepare as much as you can. Keep it simple and repeat it constantly so you can master it completely. If you’re using slides, avoid cluttering them with too much information.

Make Your Voice Interesting

Your voice is a game changer when it comes to oral presentations. Practice is important in order to develop a relaxed pace, varied tone and perfect enunciation so your presentation captures the attention of others. 

Care for Your Body Language

Your non-verbal communication is almost as important as what you’re saying. Aside from regulating your voice, make sure you stand up straight, make eye contact with the audience, keep a presentable appearance, and stay relaxed.

Use Concise Notes

You’ll feel a lot more pressure if you try to memorize your whole speech. Instead, try to give the presentation as if you were talking to a friend but keep notes with key information you need to mention close at hand. 

Prepare Your Aids

Get in a little bit early so you can make sure that any audiovisual or other equipment you’ll use are working properly. This way, you won’t have to struggle with them during your presentation.

Breathe In

If you’re feeling really nervous right before your presentation, just remember to take deep breaths to calm your body, bring your heart rate down and help you to relax.

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