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In order to help your child succeed to the best of his or her ability, you may be questioning some of those extra steps you can take to ensure that your child stays ahead of his or her peers. Though good grades is the first possibility, it is certainly not the only thing that can make your child stand out from the rest. Consider getting your child involved in playing a musical instrument, as a way to help him or her rise above the rest academically. The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to share just how learning a musical instrument can help your child to better succeed. 

Improve Organization and Time Management

You can expect that your child will improve in both organization and time management, thanks to learning a musical instrument. Think about it. When it comes time to practice an instrument, is not the quality of the practice more important than the quantity? If your child thinks about this, then the idea will soon begin to repeat itself in other areas of life, specifically academics. Time is important, but ensuring that you get the most done, the best studying, and the best practice, in the time you have allotted is very important. Likewise, music is organized. Even if it doesn’t sound like it when played, there is a specific order to music and its methods are anything but haphazard.

Increased Academic Performance

Learning to play a musical instrument is a great way to improve in the areas of academics. Music is mathematical, for example, full of counting beats and even sometimes formulas. This extra exposure to numbers is great for understanding and appreciating math more implicitly.  

Better Listening Skills

Lastly, you will likely begin to notice that your child will become more versed in his or her listening skills after learning to play an instrument. It’s extremely helpful to have a good ear when you are a musician, being able to hear the tone of notes, whether or not you are on key, and even being able to tune your instrument takes great listening skills. Some musicians strive to be able to play a song only based on having listened to the notes, or ‘by ear.’ These listening skills in music become a great model for listening in other areas of life.     

Once your child is on the way to musical greatness, remember to be patient. It does take time. You can learn more about other tips we have, such as those on motivating a learning disabled child. Remember that learning an instrument can be as motivating to a Learning Disabled child as to any other. Whether you’re considering having your child learn an instrument or not, remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help your child in any academic area of need. For tutoring in Bear, give us a call, (302)-832-2400.


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