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At The Tutoring Center in Bear, Delaware, memory retrieval is essential to successful learning. When your child takes an exam, he needs to be able to retrieve information from his brain that he has learned before. Here are a few tips on memory retrieval for you and your child.


For some people and types of information, repetition is the key. Flash cards and repeating in your mind or out loud can take things from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. In repetition, eventually, the subconscious will remember. There are different techniques to repetition. If you are a visual learner, flash cards or drawing a picture of the subject several times over will embed the memory. If you are a verbal learner listening to a recording of the key facts of the subject over and over, will produce the same result.


Forming associations between what you are trying to remember and things you already know can help. An example of association is the ABC song. Try humming the song without saying the letters. No matter how hard you try only to focus on the tune, you will always see the letters in your mind. The name "Santa Claus" brings up an image of a large, bearded, jolly man wearing red. Imagery is a very strong memory association, the more ridiculous, the better. If you are learning something new such as Sacramento is the capital of California, you may picture a sack full of raw men toes being carried by the state's icon, a bear. That's an extreme one, but will you ever forget it? 

Remembering long numbers by breaking them into sections, like a phone number, and putting a jingle or rhyme to it will embed it to long-term memory. Try this one….(302)-832-2400, it is our number here at The Tutoring Center. You can also reach us at for tutoring in Bear, Delaware

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