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We are sure you have considered all of the ways you are able to help your child get the best education possible. You may have already seen our blog on how to help grow your child’s academic resume, and today The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to add just one more idea to the list. Have you considered enrolling your child in language classes? There are several wonderful benefits to your child starting language classes, especially at a young age when the brain is still developing. 

Increased Vocabulary and Understanding of First Language

It is natural, while your child is learning a new language, that they better understand their first language. As they are learning the grammatical structure of a new language, it is easier to see the structure of their own, and understand why it is as such. On the same note, while learning new vocabulary, especially complex words, your child will become increasingly aware of parallel words in English. 

More Cultural Experiences Open Up

Not only is your child exposed to a new language and structure, but to the cultures who speak the language as well. This means that a new world of music, movies, and literature will open up to them. Imagine the new things they’ll learn and the more compassionate people they will become. 

Higher Standardized Test Scores than Monolingual Peers

That is correct. Statistically, bilingual students score higher on standardized tests, including the ACT and SAT, than their monolingual classmates. This is in part due to their better understanding of grammar and vocabulary, but also due to the fact that their brains are working in new ways. 

Higher Grades in Subjects Other than Languages

As we briefly mentioned, as your child is processing a new language the brain is being used in new ways. This not only broadens your child’s mind to language, but other subjects as well. For instance, if a language’s syntax is formulaic, learning it may help your child in math class or with other structured material. 

Job Opportunities

Lastly, and for a bit longer down the road, the more languages your child knows the more opportunities will be afforded to him or her. This does not just mean the opportunity to travel and/or work in particular countries. Translators and language teachers, for example, are needed everywhere. 

As you’re considering enrolling your child in language classes, whether you choose a private tutor or classes open to larger groups, keep in mind their other academic subjects as well. If you discover your child is having difficulty in a particular area, remember that The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff that is ready to help. For tutoring in Bear, be sure to contact us at (302) 832-2400.


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