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 If you’ve already begun using some less traditional methods to help your child get ahead in the area of academics, such as using technology to help educate your child then you’ll be pleased to know that The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to provide yet another nontraditional way to encourage your child to become a better learner by discussing the benefits of learning a new language.

Improved Test Scores

- Your child will statistically score higher on standardized tests than his or her monolingual peers
  • This has to do with the new capacity the brain has to retain information when language acquisition occurs
  • Likewise, your child has more resources to understand vocabulary when he or she has more than one language to draw from

More Confidence

- As your child continues to develop knowledge, especially in an area that not all children are learning, he or she will become more confident in his or her skills
  • to communicate
  • to understand culturally diverse situations

Better Understanding of Grammar and Vocabulary in First Language

- As new vocabulary is being acquired in a new language, especially increasingly difficult vocabulary, your child will become more familiarized with difficult vocabulary in his or her first language
- You can also expect that as your child is understanding the grammatical structure of the new language, he or she will begin to understand the grammar and sentence structure of the first language better as well

A World of Opportunities

- Remember that your child will have continued opportunities when learning a new language
  •  Many companies would prefer a multilingual employee to a monolingual one and job opportunities will become increasingly available
  • Language Schools
  • Businesses
  • Job Opportunities outside of the country
Though you’re beginning to see the benefits of your child’s new language acquisition it is still entirely possible that he or she could use some extra help in a subject area of trouble. Remember that The Tutoring Center has an expert tutoring staff that is ready to assist. For tutoring in Bear, give us a call, (302)-832-2400.


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