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Keep your children busy and learning during their winter vacation with these simple and fun activities.

Does the Winter Slide Exist?

Winter break is just around the corner, finally! You and your children can rest from all academic responsibilities, relax, and spend time together. But all that rest can make your children's minds lazy. Just like the dreaded summer slide, winter can also lead to a learning loss. You can prevent a learning loss from happening by trying out these activities to keep your children's brains active.

Gift Wrapping

How can wrapping presents help your children learn? Well, this simple activity can involve lots of math. Just ask your children to measure how much paper you will need to wrap each present. To make the exercise more creative, your children can help design their own wrapping paper using construction paper, cookie cutters, and paint.

Lend a Helping Hand

Learning to be thankful for all we have and helping others should be on top of everyone's list. Ask your children if they have any toys and clothes they no longer use that they would like to donate. Donate them to a children's center or to other children who might need them. This will help your children learn to appreciate all they have.

DIY Christmas Cards

Let your children practice their penmanship and writing skills by having them design and create their own Christmas cards. Instead of sending the same card to everyone, they can help create a unique card for each person. Homemade gifts mean so much more because they come from the heart.

After the Winter Break, Join The Tutoring Center, Bear DE

These simple but effective activities can keep your children busy during their winter vacation. Once their break is over, sign them up for tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Bear DE. They have plenty of tutoring programs to keep your children learning. Call The Tutoring Center, Bear DE at 302-419-4824 to learn more.


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