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How to Improve Internet Safety in Your Home

With the ever increasing presence of technology and the internet it can be difficult to keep up with what is safe and what is not. While there are many products available to help you secure your child's internet usage, The Tutoring Center, Bear has a two easy ideas to help increase internet safety in your home.

Start With Education

The best time to make your children aware of internet security is every time they sit down to the computer. Take some time to explain appropriate internet usage to your children.
  • Start by explaining the benefits of the internet, and how it can be used socially and educationally to connect people all over the world.��Continue this trail to teach your child that not everybody they will encounter on the internet is as good a person as they are. Provide them with examples, such as if a website or chat window asks for their address, they should ask you what you suggest they do. Make them feel comfortable knowing they can ask you if they have any questions about staying safe online.

Choose a Place for Internet Usage

If you would feel more comfortable being around your children when they use the internet, try to engage this in an encouraging way.
  • Create a place in the kitchen for your family computer and interact with your child as they browse the internet. Ask them to show you things and be positive about their internet usage so they feel comfortable approaching you if they have any concerns.

Tutoring Center In Bear

The internet can be a great educational resource for your child and can be utilized as part of a great targeted academic program or one-to-one instruction in Bear to help your child reach their learning potential. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Bear on 302 832 2400 and find out about how modern learning techniques can help your child reach their learning potential.


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