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We’ve already offered 5 ways you can help your child improve in school, but that isn’t all you can do. Memory is a crucial skill for academic success, so follow The Tutoring Center in Bear’s tips to help your child develop the memory of an elephant!


Diet is tremendously important for all areas of your child’s physical and mental development, not least their memory. Studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids are vital for good cognitive development and performance, so make sure your child is getting their quotient by providing them with oily fish (salmon, herring and sardines, for example). For a vegetarian alternative, try nuts and flaxseed.

Be curious

The memory is a lot like a muscle; it needs exercise, so ask your child a lot of questions about past events to get their memories working. Try asking them to give you lots of detail regarding their day at school (‘What did you have for lunch?’, ‘What did you do at recess?’, etc.) to prompt them to use their memory. Ask about events further in the past, too, for example by asking them to remind you about what you saw on that trip to the zoo you took last month.

Play memory games

Games are a great way to have fun while improving your child’s memory. Try games like ‘I’m going shopping, and I need to buy...’ in which you take turns to choose items and have to remember an increasingly long list.


During study time, suggest to your child that they try to remember some spelling or some multiplication tables and offer to quiz them. They may be reluctant at first as this can be seen as dull but with your support, and with praise for good performance, they will soon be happily engaged in the task.

If your child is in need of any academic assistance, The Tutoring Center is here to help. We offer free diagnostic assessments to pinpoint the exact areas in which your child could benefit from a little extra support, so call (302) 832-2400 to organize tutoring in Bear today.


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