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You know very well that you can't force a person to change. It's the same with school; you can't force your children to like school if they don't. The Tutoring Center, Bear DE has some helpful tips to motivate your unmotivated child.

Listen to Them

There are many times when we ignore what children have to say. You should listen to them, perhaps they're struggling with something at school and they want to talk about it. Children like to be taken seriously.  You might find the source of this lack of motivation if you listen close.

Don't Solve Their Problems

Allow them to make mistakes and fix them on their own. You can be there for guidance and support. If you fix everything for them, it sends the message that they aren't good enough to take care of things on their own. They will feel less motivated, dependent,  and unwilling to take risks.

Feedback and Praise

When you give your children feedback or praise them about something they did at home or school, be specific. Don't just tell them they did a good job or that they're getting better. Tell them what was your favorite part of their work, or what has been their improvement. Show them you are actually paying attention.

The Tutoring Center in Bear Can Help Motivate Your Children

Perhaps what's making your children feel unmotivated is that they don't understand something in school. The Tutoring Center in Bear can help them feel motivated again by working on those difficult school subjects. Call The Tutoring Center, Bear DE for more information about their programs at 302-419-4824 or schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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