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New School Year: New Relationships – Classmates

Seeing which of your friends may be in your class, seeing if are there any new kids, and having a new classroom are all very exciting when starting a new school year. However, it can also be quite daunting and difficult to adjust. Often, students focus too much on their social lives and get lost in studies; other students have difficulties in social situations, but excel in their academics. To help your students acclimate to the new school year and help balance both their social lives and academic responsibilities, The Tutoring Center, Bear has a few pointers.

It's Good to Have Friends

On the very first day, encourage your kids to see if they know any other students in their class. Maybe they recognize them from the neighborhood, sports, or other activities out of school. Help them to become friends with a few other students in their class or classes, and exchange phone numbers. This way, when the inevitable day that your student misses class comes, and having one or two phone numbers can help with missed homework and notes. This is also a great way for shy students to branch out at the very beginning of the year. A lot of students simply don't know how to start a conversation with somebody they don't know. This way they can simply say “Hey, I think we live in the same neighborhood. I think it could be a good idea to trade phone numbers for when one of us misses a class.” From their, their natural conversation skills can take over.

Don't Be TOO Friendly

Having friends is beneficial as long as your student stays focused. If your student tends to be an especially social child, it may create issues that affect their academics. Talk to them about talking their studies serious; if you suspect they may not be giving it 100%, ask their teacher and speak to your child accordingly.

Tutoring Center in Bear

Being prepared and knowing what to expect is one way to help with back to school. The first few weeks are very busy and it can be easy to fall behind. To avoid the hassle and headaches of catching up, contact The Tutoring Center in Bear at 302 832 2400 when you need any one-to-one instruction or private tutoring for your child.


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