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 As a parent, not only are you responsible for encouraging your child to develop a greater love for learning, such as awakening a love of science. You are also in charge of insuring your child is forming good and healthy habits that will last a lifetime. If you are beginning to see that your child has some unhealthy habits that you’d like to correct, know that The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to assist you with that today by providing you a list of ways you can help your child begin to form healthy habits.

Your first step, as a parent, is always to start by modeling good habits. If your child sees you participating in habits you’ve told him or her are bad, then there is a problem there in your child’s reasoning. So, if you really want your child to understand the importance of healthy habits, you’ve got to begin showing that you are also interested in keeping those healthy choices as part of your daily routine. So, whether or not these healthy habits have to do with eating, exercising, or evening reading, show your child that you are interested in keeping those habits as well.

A good way to encourage your child to get active is by limiting his or her technological intake. From television to time spent on the computer or tablet, limiting your child’s consumption of technological resources is a great way to free up his or her time for more educational and active pursuits. Let’s face it, if your child doesn’t have technology as a fall back, it’s possible that his or her boredom will bring about a wonderful time to form good habits.  

If your goals are specifically food related, then remember to make dinner time a fun family time for your child. You can start before you reach the table, by having your child help you choose what foods to prepare, create a shopping list, and even assist you in preparing the food. Your child’s taking ownership in what the family is eating can be a great way to help him or her see the importance of making good and healthy choices.

Lastly, if you’re headed toward a specific goal, and you see your child has accomplished it, make sure the rewards you give are truly rewarding. Encourage your child to form habits even further by providing him or her with rewards that he or she really likes. If your child enjoys art, then take him or her on a trip to an interactive art museum. If your child just wants to play, then go to the children’s museum or a water park. Your rewards should continue to encourage the good habits you are forming. So, if your habits are specifically food related, then you’re not going to want to reward your child by giving him or her an entire chocolate cake, for example.

As your child is improving in making good choices and forming good habits, you’ll likely see that translate into academic areas of life as well. However, keep in mind that your child could still need assistance in an academic area, and that is OK. For tutoring in Bear, be sure to contact us at The Tutoring Center, (302)-832-2400 and schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment today.


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