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How to Increase Your Child's Reading Proficiency

You only have to look around to see that communication is rapidly moving away from spoken language, to visual. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Bear has a few tips for you to share with your child to boost their reading skills.

How to Grow Your Child's Vocabulary

Reading is a great way to expand your child's vocabulary and can be something they really enjoy. A great way to boost this expansion and make the most of your child's reading time is to provide your children with a thesauras, instead of a dictionary. This method challenges your child to learn new words through practical context instead of reading a definition. At the end of each reading session ask your children to create sentences with the newly learned words.

How to Create the Perfect Reading Environment

Choosing the appropriate reading place is just as important as the book your child is reading. If you find that your child prefers to read in a quiet environment like their bedroom, be sure to minimize audible distractions like a vaccum cleaner or music throughout the house. Conversely, if your child becomes restless while reading in their room, take them to the park and have a reading picnic. The ambient noises could make for the perfect background for your child to read.

Tutoring Center in Bear

These are just some of the ways that you can have a positive impact on your chid's reading ability and are a great complement to formal tutoring in Bear. If helping your child reach their reading potential is important to you, speak with The Tutoring Center in Bear on 302 832 2400 and find out how our learning programs can give your child an educational advantage.


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