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With summer break over, the daily battle to get your child out of bed and ready in the mornings return. If you'd like to learn a few tips on how to make this process a bit easier and smoother, continue reading the post below.

How to Get Your Child Out of Bed in the Morning

Ensure They Have Healthy Sleeping Habits

First of all, you need to guarantee your child sleeps well at night. To that end, teach them healthy sleeping habits. To do that:
  1. talk to your child so they can understand the importance of sleep.
  2. set a sleeping schedule that your child can follow even on the weekends and holidays.
  3. get everything ready for the next day (like their outfit).
  4.  follow a bedtime routine every night.
  5. create a clean, cool, and comfortable sleeping environment.

Use Several Strategies to Wake Them Up

Once your child is well rested, you can use several strategies to wake them up. For example:
  • sing a cheerful tune that can wake them up.
  • set an alarm to let them know it's time to get up.
  • cook their favorite breakfast to get them to the kitchen.
  • have the family pet wake them up.
Try them and see which one works best for your child. If none of these works, set up a rewards system that  can lure your child out of  bed.

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