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Midterms Are JUST Around the Corner

If your students are part of the traditional school year, it may seem like they just started, but The Tutoring Center, Bear DE knows that if you look at their schedules, midterm exams will be here in no time at all. Help your learners be as prepared as possible by helping them get ready early and avoid last minute "cramming".

Hang a Wall Calendar

It can be easy to lose track of time when there are big projects, large assignments, or big tests assigned weeks in advance. As a parent, you can help by showing them organization and time management. Buy the biggest calendar that you can find and mount it somewhere they will see it everyday. Help them to record projects, assignments, tests, exams, etc. as soon as they are given by the teachers. This will help children see that they need to start preparing for somethings well in advance to their due date.

Get Tutoring BEFORE They Need It

Since it is still near the beginning of the year, you and/or your student may think it's too early for private tutoring. You may feel like they have plenty of time to "catch up" and that tutoring is the last resort. Please don't fall into that trap! Tutoring is beneficial year round. During busy times, tutors can help clarify anything unknown; during time with less requirements, they can help with time management and getting ahead. Regardless, having outside help is never a bad thing!

Finding an Epert Tutor at The Tutoring Center in Bear

Even if your student doesn’t seem like the need private tutoring, The Tutoring Center, Bear DE has a program that can and will help if they put in the work. Whether it is with homework, time management, or just general assistance, give their experts a call at 302 832 2400 to schedule your appointment soon!


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