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Three Important Study Tips From Your Local Tutoring Center in Bear

We all know how difficult it can be for our children to focus on learning new information, especially when examination time rolls around and they are forced to recall an overload of information. This can cause for a very stressful time in their lives. That is why we at The Tutoring Center, Bear are here to provide you with some simple tips on how to study for those tedious exams.

Take Notes

Although it might sound like a simple solution, we know that it is often difficult to assimilate information at the same time as transcribing. Even though it might seem like a challenge, help your child to pick out the most important parts of what they are expecting to learn during a lecture, such as dates and places, or equations and ensure they're taking down the key pieces of information that are conveyed in their lecture. Once they have the key points down, they can later expand on this and grow their knowledge without the need for transcribing.

Make Flash Cards

Now that the difficult part (note taking) is done, it is very important to make sense of the information given by reviewing their notes. Even taking just a few minutes as soon as they get home to do this will significantly increase their retention of the subject. We also recommend making flashcards for study. In doing so, they are recalling the information presented twice by first reading and then by copying it onto flash cards.

Dedicate a Set Study Time

Having a certain time set aside to study each day will greatly improve your children's memorization of the material. Not only have they already reviewed and hopefully absorbed the information by note taking, but sitting them down at the same time daily to study those flash cards will only increase their chances of summoning subject material at the time of examination.

Ensure Success With the Tutoring Center in Bear

While following these simple steps will help for examination time, there is only one way to ensure that your child's progresses. Enroll them at The Tutoring Center In Bear to guarantee their academic success. Take that extra step by contacting The Tutoring Center In Bear at (302)-832-2400 to discuss our high-quality tutoring programs.


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