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There are many aspects of school most children dislike; waking up early, reading and homework to name a few. Final exams are just the icing on the cake. Luckily, like so much of the educational process, final exams can be relatively easy with the right preparation. The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to offer these few tips to help make finals a little less painful.

Start Early

Being able to recall information from the beginning of the course is not easy. Throughout the year, you learn new things and often forget previous facts. A good way to keep from forgetting this information is to review periodically throughout the term. It is remarkable what 15-30 minutes of reviewing a week will do when you take your final.

Don’t Cram!

So many students wait until the last minute and then try to relearn and study an entire year of information in only a few nights. Not only will it be difficult to study the new information, but you will likely confuse or forget a lot of old information as well. Make a study schedule and spend a few hours every day leading up to the exam preparing rather than doing it all in just a couple of nights prior.

Fuel Up

Reviewing and studying will benefit you during the test because you will be mentally prepared; don’t neglect your physical health by straining too much. It’s important to exercise, even lightly, when studying to keep your body in shape. Also, you need to rest your brain and body, so make sure to get plenty of sleep. Finally, an empty stomach can affect your thinking so eat regular healthy meals during exam times.

Having the right preparations and planning for final exams will help you tremendously in the end. You will be more prepared to do well on the test, and your body will be less stressed and exhausted. If you would like expert one-to-one instruction or need private tutoring in Bear leading into your exams, contact us today for more information: (302)-832-2400.


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