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Homework, projects and reports; during summer vacation, your children can stop worrying about those responsibilities. Unfortunately,  it’s very possible that they spend a great a big part of their summer using their tablets, cell-phones and laptops.

This vacation period calls for exciting activities that stimulate the minds of your children! That’s why, at The Tutoring Center in Bear, we have a few ideas that will encourage your children to grab a book during this summer.

Visit the Library

The reading adventure starts at the library, where your children will find thousands of stories they will love. Remember that their interests and hobbies should influence their book choices. Keep in mind that the librarian can always suggest you books, plus some libraries have summer programs!

Reading Material 

Make sure to always have reading material at your home. Apart from books, consider getting a monthly magazine subscription. Try to expand your definition of reading; ebooks, comics and graphic novels can also be a lot of fun, and they will get your children to read!

Create a Reading Time

Try to assign a reading time for the whole family. That way, your children with associate that time with fun instead as an obligation. Remember that you are the main role model of your children, so make sure that your children see you enjoying a book.


Rewarding the efforts of your children is great, but you shouldn’t give them a prize for every book they finish. Reading is already a reward and that’s something they should discover by themselves.

Don’t forget that summer tutoring can provide elements to improve the reading comprehension of your children. An ability, your children will need for a successful academic future.

The Tutoring Center offers a free diagnostic assessment, that will allow us to evaluate which academic areas need to be strengthened. Consider us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Bear.

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