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You Don't Have to Be a Teacher to Help Teach Your Child

With the ever growing complexity of today’s lessons, especially in math, it can be difficult for parents to take an active role in helping their child learn and succeed in school. While many parents turn to the immediate advantages of The Tutoring Center, Bear, it doesn’t mean that they can’t continue these lessons. The Tutoring Center, Bear has a two great ways to share with you about how you can continue your child’s lessons during everyday activities.

Pop Quiz for Favors

If your child is benefiting from math tutoring and is learning a particular set of equations then everyday favors can be the perfect opportunity for your child to learn. Speak with their tutor and obtain a copy of their question and answer sheets and turn it into a quiz in return for every day favors.
  • Mom, can you please give me and my friends a ride to the mall?
  • Sure! Just as soon as you tell me the answers to these five equations.
  • Dad, may I please have some money to go and see a movie?
  • You sure can! Once you’re able to recite these calculations.
While it’s likely that their immediate reaction is going to be a groan accompanied with ‘Oh, Mom/Dad!’, you’ll find that their next response is going to be a well thought out answer to the question that you’re asking.

Trade Homework for Chores

If there’s anything that children hate doing, it’s chores. Even the easiest and simplest of chores such as putting their laundry in the machine can seem like an impossible task. So why not provide your child with alternatives? Take the same information you received above and offer to trade it for chores.
  • Come on, Dad! Do I really have to dry the dishes tonight?
  • That depends on whether or not you can answer these three math equations?
  • Mom, you know that I can’t stand taking the trash out to the curb.
  • No problems - I’ll do it for you! Just as soon as you can recall these lessons.
Suddenly your child is presented with a quick way for them to avoid small chores they dislike while benefiting their lesson reinforcement.

Reinforcing Lessons Learned Through Tutoring Center in Bear

Sometimes even the most simple ideas can be the most powerful, so don’t discount these just because they appear basic. They can provide a great way for you to become involved in your child’s learning while making sure the lessons they learn through at The Tutoring Center, Bear are being retained. Alongside boosting your child's grades, The Tutoring Center, Bear can provide many more great ways for you to become involved in the lessons your child learns, helping you to get involved in their education. Speak with us here at The Tutoring Center, Bear at (302)-832-2400 and book your free consultation. You will be surprised just how much The Tutoring Center, Bear and you can work together to help your child achieve the grades you know they are capable of.


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