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Help Your Child to See the Enjoyable Side of Reading

It's no surprise that with the popularity of texting and social media, more and more children are reading their phone screens. While reading in any form is good, reading status updates isn't the most beneficial to their education. If you are looking for ways to help your child become interested in more educationally beneficial reading, The Tutoring Center, Bear has a few tips to share.

Find Relatable Topics

When asked, many children advise that their disinterest in reading stems from being forced to read material they don't find interesting or are unable to relate to. While it's important for them to read about subjects they usually wouldn't through their schooling, pleasure reading is all about enjoyment. Along with your child, visit your local bookstore and give them the freedom to choose two books - one fiction and the other non-fiction. The purpose of this is to provide different styles of writing and a different set of vocabulary. While a fiction novel is great for their imagination and encourages them to enjoy reading, non-fiction such as an auto-biography or documentary based book is great to introduce them to a more formal type of writing.

Read Along With Them

Once your child has chosen their books, get two copies and read along with them. Every few chapters, take a break and enjoy some snacks and have a chat about what's happening throughout the book. Listen to their perceptions, challenge them, and have them challenge yours. Books are a great way to start a conversation and can help your child to experience a more interactive side of reading.

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These are just some of the great tips which can help your child become interested in reading and increase their reading and writing skills. If you feel like your child could benefit from more reading or you are looking for ways to help them achieve their learning potential, speak with The Tutoring Center, Bear at (302)-832-2400. With dedicated programs such as "Geniuses in Training", we can help your child reach their potential and improve their grades.


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