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“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” according to Nelson Mandela, but how your children receive that education greatly factors in how much they will benefit from it. At The Tutoring Center in Bear we understand the importance of education but more than that, how to administer it successfully to your children

One-To-One Tutoring

Schools and after-school-tutoring-programs can give a base to learn from, but if you want your children to advance and reach their highest capability one-to-one classes are the best option. Studies have shown that individual learning brings greater results than group learning. Here, Tutoring in Bear at the Tutoring Center we provide a more focused and personalized class for your child, which is hard to find in current school systems

Goals and Targets

It is important to know where we are going on any journey, which is why we set goals with your child when they come along to enrol . We measure these by providing daily assignments. The sense of achievement received will leave your child feeling more motivated to keep learning

Responsibility for Results

All too often teachers are seen as the one responsible for the students education, which encourages laziness and lack of interest. In using the “Rotational Approach to Learning”,your child will be able to put into practice the skills they have learned during their one to one classes, on an independent basis which we find encourages autonomy and self development on many levels.

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