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The creative process, though it may seem to come much more naturally to some, is actually learned. It can be cultivated by helping your children in their creative endeavours, or it can be stifled. Increased creativity leads to increased brain function, which can of course, aid your child in academic pursuits as well. In order to help increase your child’s creativity, you might find that it is best to get a bit more creative yourself. It is with creativity in mind that The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to share some excellent ideas to help with that creative spark. 

Focus on the Process

Though we as adults tend to focus on the outcome of a project, how it will look, what we will have accomplished, if it’s worth it, we should steer away from allowing our children do the same. We want them to focus on the process, how the paint feels, why they chose a specific color, how they feel during the project, and not just on how it will turn out. 

Supply Resources 

Brainstorm with your child as to what materials she/he would like to use. You should have paper, crayons, perhaps even paint readily available. However think outside of the box to find different ways to create art. If you want your child to be environmentally aware, for example, try reusing and repurposing things you already have around the house to create something new and beautiful. 


Be sure to diversify the experiences of your child. Explore your city, finding cultural events, new music, food, art forms, and expression. Show your child that there is so much creativity out there and encourage him or her to find their very own favorite form. 

Limit External Constraints

Avoid external constraints as much as possible. We’re not suggesting that you allow your child to become unruly and disrespectful of course. What we are suggesting is that you avoid telling your child exactly how to work in a creative pursuit. An example may be in the way your child chooses to color something. Should he or she desire the duck to blue rather than yellow, allow it to happen and encourage his or her originality. 

As you are working on the creativity of your child, you may discover that he/she finds creative pursuits more interesting than academic ones. If this is the case, remember that academics should come first, and that creative activities might be a great reward for academic excellence. Even so, if you believe your child is in need of assistance academically, this is exactly what The Tutoring Center is here for. Give us a call at (302) 832-2400 for tutoring in Bear!


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