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 It is that time of year again and you are likely to have recently received a progress report for your child, letting you know how he or she is doing in school thus far this 6 weeks. There may have been great victories on this progress report, and perhaps your child has worked hard and pulled up a particularly pestering grade. On the other hand, however, there could have been great distress or disappointment at a grade you were not expecting. You may then, be wondering how you can better communicate with your child’s teacher to know how he or she is doing in between progress reports and report cards. Though the year is halfway over, it is not too late to open up the lines of communication with your child’s teacher. The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to help you with just that today, by providing you with the best opportunities you have, throughout the school year, to communicate with your child’s teacher.

When the school year is about to begin, you should look for your invitation to the Open House your child’s school will likely be having. This could occur just a few days before the school year officially starts or it could be the first or second week of school. This will depend on your school district. However, the point of Open House is to allow the students and parents to come into the school, see the classroom, and meet the teacher. Here the teacher will introduce you to his or her procedures and classroom expectations. This is your first opportunity to talk with the teacher about any concerns you may have.

Your next opportunity will come in the form of Parent/Teacher Conferences. Generally a school will have these at least twice a year. Your child’s teacher may request that you come in and meet with him or her, or you can request it. These conferences will likely be around the time of a progress report. You can take this time to again, discuss concerns, ensure your child’s teacher that you are available to discuss any issues he or she may see with your child, and to bounce ideas off of one another about how your child can be best educated.

Remember to ensure your child’s teacher of your eagerness to assist. Find the best way that you and the teacher can communicate, such as email or by phone, and ensure that you keep those lines of communication open.

As you and your child’s teacher continue to communicate, you may decide as a team that your child could benefit from tutoring in a particular subject area. If that is the case, remember The Tutoring Center is ready to help your child reach ultimate academic success. Don’t forget that an inventive way you can also help your child to improve in academics is by encouraging him or her to learn a musical instrument. When tutoring is the way to go, for tutoring in Bear, be sure to contact us at (302)-832-2400.


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