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In order for you and your classmates to have a successful and enriching learning experience, you need to cooperate and behave appropriately in the classroom. However, if you aren’t entirely sure of what is good classroom etiquette, this post by The Tutoring Center in Bear is here to help you out. 

How to Behave in the Classroom

1. Above all, pay attention in lessons. This will greatly improve your understanding of them, your grades and your overall learning experience.

2. Stay organized as much as possible: keep your things in order and avoid having clutter or filth on your desk or in the aisles.

3. Avoid distractions at all costs: sit in a spot away from the window or friends, turn off your cell phone and put away those items that aren’t related to the class.

4. Be respectful at all times to everybody and everything to help maintain a positive environment; this includes your teacher, classmates, classroom, and yourself .

5. Follow your teacher’s rules and orders as much as you can. Consider that managing a class can be stressful, so don’t make it hard for your teachers.

6. Your body language should also be taken into account. Always face forward and sit up straight so you are more receptive and to show your interest in the class.

7. Engage in the activities and discussions during class in an organized manner. 

8. Your thoughts and feelings on a subject can make the class more dynamic and enriching.

9. Get ready for the class by doing your homework, bringing the necessary materials, eating well and sleeping enough. 

10. Take good notes that will help you concentrate during class and that will be a reliable study aid when you need to prepare for tests.

If, for some reason, you can’t bring yourself to pay attention during a particular class, do not distract other students who are there to learn! 

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