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As you are assisting your child through the journey of academic experience, it is likely that you will at some point think of his or her future. If you are wondering how you can help your child  to have experiences that will be very eye catching to college recruiters from an early age, The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to assist you with five tips in growing your child’s academic resume. 

As we’ve already discussed the importance of fostering creativity in your child, it is only fitting that we mention that your child’s forms of artistic expression will be taken into consideration. Whether your child is in theater, dance, or plays a musical instrument, that will be considered in viewing your child as well-rounded. 

If your child has the opportunity to gain leadership and to develop leadership skills (in his or her high school career specifically) this is an excellent step. Whether as captain of the football team or editor of the school newspaper, those experiences of leadership are viewed highly. 

Likewise, if your child has won any awards or honors, those should be mentioned. If your child is a member of the National Honors Society or won a writing contest, mention it. Nothing is too small or irrelevant here. 

Colleges will often look to see if their prospective students have participated in community service and/or volunteer opportunities. If your child has the chance to help build a home with Habitat for Humanity, take the time to pick up trash or help someone clean their yard, work in a soup kitchen, or even help tutor younger children in subjects they’re good at, write it down, keep a record, and know that it matters. Keep in mind that community service and volunteering are not just good for college applications, but good in created understanding and compassionate people. 

Of course his or her academics will be considered. Remember it is not just about excellent grades but rather consistently good grades in classes of high difficulty. What we mean by this is that your child should not only get a good grade once, but should maintain a high average. Taking challenging courses and receiving good marks in those will be judged more highly than taking less complex classes with excellent grades.

Grades are an important factor in the academic resume, so if your child is having trouble in any particular area know that the dedicated staff at The Tutoring Center is here to help. If you are looking for tutoring in Bear, give us a call to schedule a free academic assessment at (302) 832-2400.


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