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Don't let your child forget everything they learned during the school year. Keep their mind active with these fun and educational activities.

6 Brain-Boosting Summer Activities

The dreaded summer slide can happen to your child. All that relaxing and doing nothing over the summer can make their brain lazy and all that knowledge they gained during the school year go to waste. Keep your youngster's mind active and strong with these ideas.
  1. Get ahead: Your child can refresh their learning and prepare for the new school year, or better yet, get ahead by trying a summer tutoring program at The Tutoring Center, Bear.
  2. Start moving: Exercise improves the oxygen flow to the brain and makes it more powerful. Keep your child’s mind active, and help them burn off excess energy by joining a physical activity.
  3. Do some writing: Writing for pleasure can improve your child’s skills and brain power. Encourage your youngster to keep a journal or diary. They can also start a paper with their friends to document their summer activities and what goes on around the neighborhood.
  4. Learn a new skill: Summer camps teach children many skills, but if your child is not into camping, any class that will show them something new works just fine. Maybe they can try learning a new language or get into a children’s cooking class.
  5. Go somewhere different: Make it a family goal to go to a new place each week. It doesn't matter if you out of town or to a restaurant you’ve never tried before. What matters is that your child experiences something new and creates new memories.
  6. Join a reading program: There’s probably a local reading program that your child can sign up for. Not only will they be busy reading books and gaining new vocabulary, but they might even earn a prize for signing up.

Summer Tutoring Classes in Bear

The Tutoring Center, Bear offers an excellent variety of summer tutoring programs to keep your child’s mind active. Call The Tutoring Center, Bear DE at 302-419-4824 to learn all about them.


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