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Sports aren’t just a fun way for your child to get the exercise they need for good physical health, they’re also great for growing brains and can instil some very valuable skills. Today, The Tutoring Center in Bear would like to take the opportunity to talk you through a few of the benefits sports can bring to your child’s academic life.

It encourages healthy brain growth

Exercise boosts the brain’s production of a substance called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a daunting name for a protein that stimulates the growth, development, and communication of brain cells. Studies have also shown that exercise results in increased volume and activity of the dentate gyrus, parts of the brain involved in learning and memory acquisition.

It’s linked to good academic performance

Many studies have established a strong correlate between physical activity and good academic performance. For example, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report published in 2010 established that children getting the recommended hour of physical activity each day consistently outperformed peers who exercised less.

It helps concentration and reduces stress

Children need to blow off steam, and sports are a great way for them to do this. If they don’t get enough exercise, children are prone to a lack of concentration and possible misbehavior. Physical activity sends oxygen to the brain and released chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine known to calm us down and improve our mood. It may well be due to this that a study published in Neuroscience in 2009 showed that children who underwent half an hour of aerobic exercise before taking a standardized test outperformed children who spent the same time sitting still.

Sports encourage positive character attributes

Sports played solo are great for developing dedication and an independent attitude, and team sports are a fantastic way for your child to develop better teamwork, diplomacy and respect. The practice and determination required to excel in a sport are exactly the same as those required to excel in an academic discipline, so the patience and drive they learn is directly transferable. The opportunity to display their talent, overcome challenges and take home trophies can provide a tremendous boost to your child’s self-esteem and confidence, too.

Of course, if your child is going to perform well on the field and in the classroom, they need the right diet. Read our previous post on superfoods for active kids for a few ideas.

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