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Sometimes you need to work out a math equation without a calculator or pen and paper. You need to use mental math. If you want to reinforce your abilities, check out these tips.

Mental Math Is an Everyday Activity

As excellent as calculators may be, you can’t always use them. It’s a bit embarrassing to bring out your calculator when you’re trying to divide the check at a restaurant with your friends. On these occasions, your mental math skills must be strong. Here are a few tips to help you solve those tough equations in your head and maybe make it easier for you to study math. Make the problem smaller: It’s always easier to solve a small equation than a bigger one. If you’re struggling with a problem, break it down into smaller sub-problems. Start with the easiest parts that you already know how to solve. Multiplication tricks: Your mental math skills will grow if you learn the multiplication tables.  There are several cool tricks you can try to remember them. For instance, any number you multiply by 5 will end in 0 or 5. When you multiply by 12, think about multiplying by 10 plus two times that number. Like when you calculate 12x6, do 10x6=60, and 6x2=12, and then you add 60+12=72. Do some puzzles: It turns out that playing Sudoku or solving crossword puzzles isn’t a waste of time. Think of your brain as a muscle that needs to be strengthened with exercise, and puzzles are the gym. These game can boost your math skills. Try something new: Getting out of your comfort zone refreshes your brain and makes it more agile. You need brain agility for mental math. Who knows? Maybe dance classes can unexpectedly help you become a better learner.

Strengthen Your Math Skills in Bear

These are only some tips to help you build better mental math skills. If you want to have stronger arithmetic abilities, you should head to The Tutoring Center, Bear. Give The Tutoring Center, Bear DE a call at 302-419-4824 to learn about their tutoring options.


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