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Tutor helping struggling child with math and science
Writing can be an intimidating task for many students. After all, written words are more permanent. The good thing is that writing doesn’t have to be so intimidating and anyone can hone their writing skills and become a great writer. All you need is a little discipline and willingness to work....
When it comes to exercise, people usually think about sports. If you’re not good at sports then you probably aren’t inspired to exercise. Exercise is more than just sports, it’s actually any activity that gets you moving. If you aren’t into any physical activities right now, you are missing out...
In many classes all you need to do is take notes, understand them, and memorize them for an exam. Some courses, like math, don’t work like that. In order to be successful on a math exam you need to pay attention, actively study, practice, practice, and practice some more. Here are some great tips...

Midterms Are JUST Around the Corner

If your students are part of the traditional school year, it may seem like they just started, but The Tutoring Center, Bear DE knows that if you look at their schedules, midterm exams will be here in no time at all. Help your learners be as prepared as possible...

How Your Child Can Benefit from Back-To-School Tutoring

Back to school is not an easy time for students or parents. Parents race around like crazy getting supplies, new clothes, organizing schedules, etc. Meanwhile, students have to deal with new faces, new classes, homework, and tests again; it...
You know very well that you can't force a person to change. It's the same with school; you can't force your children to like school if they don't. The Tutoring Center, Bear DE has some helpful tips to motivate your unmotivated child.

Listen to Them

There are many times when we ignore what...

How You Can Help Your Child Improve Their Grammar at Home

Grammar is important in so many aspects of life. When applying to University, admissions officers often reject aspiring students due to grammatical errors in their application. This trend continues in the workplace, with many applications...

Three Great Way to Avoid Academic Regression During the Vacations

Finally, the summer vacations are here, and our children are enjoying a well-earned break after term papers, reports, and exams. However, a long summer break comes at a price. Studies have shown that students lose a great deal of...

Help Your Child Achieve the Grades You Know They Can

Math is everywhere in our lives. We can’t get away from it. We use it at work, in our daily lives, and it’s a core subject in all school curriculums. However, for many students, Math can be extremely challenging and is the least favorite...

How to End the School Year on a High

Now that spring break is over, the end of the academic year is coming around fast. That means final exams and all of the stress that comes with them. We all want our children to achieve the best grades possible, but it can be hard to see them anxious and...


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