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Good spelling skills can help your child express themselves more accurately through written form. Still, mastering spelling can be challenging. Help your child become a better speller with these tips.

How to Help Your Child Develop Their Spelling Skills

  1. The first tip is very helpful: your...

Back to school season is just around the corner. And Understood mentions that how you organize your backpack can affect how you sort out your thoughts and ideas. Learn how to keep your backpack organized with the tips below, so you can have a great new school term.

How to Organize Your Backpack


Summer learning loss occurs when students disregard their academics during summer break and completely forget what they learned in the previous school year. This can be troubling, since they'll get to the new school year as a blank slate. To prevent summer learning loss happening to your child,...

There are many opinions regarding the usage of music in study sessions. While there are some 'cons' to it, there are also a few advantages. For more information on them, continue reading.

Why You Should Study With Music

It Increases Your Endurance

When you're studying, you may be sitting at a...

Believe it or not, the way your child holds a pencil can interfere with their development. To guarantee your child will be able to develop their fine-motor skills correctly, read the post below to teach them how to hold a pencil.

How to Teach a Child to Hold a Pencil Correctly

  1. Firstly, you...

Should you or shouldn't you let your child use a calculator when doing elementary-level math? This is up to you, but if you will, read the post below for tips on the matter.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a Calculator

  1. The first tip would be to ensure your child knows basic math before you...

Providing your child with a few tools can improve their learning experiences tremendously. To guarantee they know how to use their dictionary, follow these tips.

How to Use a Dictionary to Learn

  1. The dictionary is arranged in alphabetical order. This means that, to use the dictionary...

Jigsaw puzzles are often thought of as a game. However, they can also bring benefits to your young child on a few different levels. To learn more about these, continue reading.

How Solving Puzzles Helps Your Child

Their Emotional Skills

People need emotional skills in order to deal with the...

If you want to build your vocabulary to become a better listener and communicator, read the post below.

How to Build Your Vocabulary

  1. First things first, you need to read, read, and then read some more. The more you read, the more you will come across with words that are not familiar...

Math is present everywhere you look. Still, learning it can be a challenge to some students. If your child feels discouraged to learn math, there are some ways in which you can help them do math confidently. Read through the post below to learn what these tips are.

How to Encourage Your Student...


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