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Tutor helping struggling child with math and science
Tutoring is meant to help any student. However, some children need more help than others do. Is your child one of them?

School Is Tougher for Some Children

We all learn in different ways and struggle with different things. While some children thrive in academic environments, others bloom in...
Sometimes you need to work out a math equation without a calculator or pen and paper. You need to use mental math. If you want to reinforce your abilities, check out these tips.

Mental Math Is an Everyday Activity

As excellent as calculators may be, you can’t always use them. It’s a bit...
Memorizing new information doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If your child finds it particularly hard to remember new information, try these tips to help them out.

Work on Your Child’s Working Memory

The working memory is the ability to learn information to use it right away. It's the type of...
Most students need to do daily homework. While you can't do it for them, you can help them out with these tips.

Your child might not consider their homework the best way to spend their afternoon, but they need to do it regardless. How can you make the process easier for your youngster? Here...
Invite your children to make their own New Year's resolutions this year. Here are some ideas they can add to their list of goals.

Everyone Should Make Resolutions at Home

New Year’s resolutions are meant to help us improve ourselves or make positive changes in our lives. This year, invite your...
Keep your children busy and learning during their winter vacation with these simple and fun activities.

Does the Winter Slide Exist?

Winter break is just around the corner, finally! You and your children can rest from all academic responsibilities, relax, and spend time together. But all that...
Children need around ten hours of sleep each night to be able to conquer their daily activities. Sleeping more than those hours is even better! Rest brings many benefits to your children’s health and academic performance.

Let Them Sleep In

As adults, we usually want to take advantage of every...
Getting your child started in the world of journaling can be a challenge. Many children don't enjoy writing at all. Still, you should encourage the use of a journal by explaining to your child its many benefits.

How Journaling Can Help Your Child

Not everybody enjoys writing. Many people find it...
Successful study sessions are all about preparation. Careful planning can help you develop study skills to ace your exams. Here you'll find some great tips to make the most out of your study sessions.

Six Tips for Better Study Sessions

How productive are your study sessions? Do you feel like you...
Learning a second or third language can be incredibly beneficial. With a second language your brain becomes stronger, your knowledge expands, and even your social life can improve. Read more about the perks of learning another language so you can feel inspired to start learning.

6 Perks of...


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